Harriet is a perpetually-hungry, 20-something writer who talks about herself in the third person. She eats McDonald’s on the regular and is starting to get (a lot of) wrinkles, but remains adamant the two are not related. She cares a lot about women’s rights but, like many of us, doesn’t always have time to keep up with anyone’s but her own. She is obsessed with Elton John.

Harriet has written for xoJane, D'SCENE, No Cure, FAULT, JungleMNSWR, Polyester and The Sunday Times Style, amongst others. If you would like her to write about anything at all - or have a rare Elton John tee you're selling - please get in touch at maydevere@hotmail.co.uk.

Follow her on Instagram @maydeverevintage and Twitter @maydevere💘